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Empower your vote with InfoVote: easy registration, absentee ballots, candidate insights, polling locations, unbiased news, and educational resources in one app.

Voter Registration

Simplify registration with resources to register or verify your status with ease.

Absentee Ballot

Request absentee ballots and access tools for hassle-free remote voting experiences.


Discover Federal, State, and Local office holders, connecting with representatives shaping your community.

Polling Locator

Locate your polling station effortlessly and confidently exercise your voting rights.

News Updates

Stay updated with impartial news, keeping you informed on crucial political issues.


Boost understanding of democracy and voting impact with our inspiring, empowering resources.

About Infovote App

InfoVote app is your one-stop solution to make an informed, empowered decision at the ballot box. Our purpose is to simplify political engagement and provide users with all the necessary tools and resources they need to participate in democracy. Our goal is to create a more engaged and informed community, where every voice is heard, and every vote counts.

InfoVote not only assists individual users but also fosters connections between organizations focused on voter education and outreach. By offering InfoVote Connect, we bring together nonprofits and local groups to collaborate, share resources, and amplify their impact. Through this partnership, we envision a world where civic participation is seamless and accessible for all. Join us in making democracy work for everyone!

Core Benefits

Unleash the Power of Informed Voting: Make Your Voice Count!

Connection & Collaboration

InfoVote Connect unites organizations focused on voter education and outreach, fostering collaboration for greater impact

Civic Education

Stay informed with unbiased news updates and educational resources to understand the democratic process and its impact on your community.

Voter Empowerment

Access essential resources like registration, absentee ballots, and polling place locations, all in one convenient app.

User-Friendly Experience

Our intuitive interface simplifies political engagement, making it easy and enjoyable to navigate the wealth of information and tools available.

A Glimpse of Your InfoVote Experience

Discover the simplicity and user-friendliness of the InfoVote app. Each screen has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with a seamless experience


Discover InfoVote in Action

Experience the power and simplicity of InfoVote firsthand with our engaging demo video. Watch as we guide you through the app’s key features and demonstrate how InfoVote empowers users to stay informed, engaged, and connected with their local communities and representatives

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Join our growing community of organizational partners and take your voter outreach to the next level. Whether its voter registration and education or event planning and fundraising, Infovote Connect¬† offers everything you’ll need to build lasting relationships with your audience and expand your reach. With InfoVote Connect, your organization will have access to powerful resources and tools that will empower you to engage, inform, and mobilize your supporters like never before.


We love hearing from our users, partners, and supporters. If you have any questions, feedback, or partnership inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.